Does it have to be kept in the refrigerator after being mixed?

It is entirely your preference. Liph has an inherently long shelf life so it does NOT need to be refrigerated. That being said we have a lot of customers that swear it tastes better cold.

Why does it have to be kept in 'plastic'?

The 'mixture' is recommended to be kept in a plastic container. Daily dosages can be taken in glass. Liph has a very high pH and by design does have a tendency to attach to some glass containers causing the glass to look cloudy.

What are the floaties coming from?

Most water has minerals in it, especially in hard water areas. Liph breaks up all that and may cause particle fallout that looks like floaties in the liquid. These are total harmless.

Do I need to take it on a full stomach?

Again, your preference. It really depends on your diet. If you are on a high alkaline diet, We recommend to take it 30 mins before or after eating.

How's the taste?

Liph has a "UNIQUE" taste. As some people can't tell the difference, if you have sensitive taste buds, we recommend you to (once mixed) take the daily dose and mix with your favorite drink; juice, tea, Gatorade or more water. You will get the same affect, but the taste will be masked.

What's the difference in the 2 oz concentrate and the 1 oz dropper bottle?

The only difference is convenience. The dropper is great for people that are on the go or just want to maintain a healthy life style. Put drops in whatever you are drinking throughout the day. The 2 oz concentrate is recommended for people battling something chronic.

When does one start to see a difference or if the product is working?

Liph works on a cellular basis within YOUR own system. So it works differently for everyone. We recommend for everyone to be patient and stick to the protocol. Don't take one dose and miss 2 days. Take it regularly and you will see the difference.

How does drinking our alkaline Liph product make it past our stomach acid and benefit our bodies?

One of the many things I struggle to explain to our customers and quite honestly, to myself, is how does drinking our alkaline Liph product make it past our stomach acid and benefit our bodies. I wish it was a simple answer. Unfortunately......it's not.

So...let's see if we can give this a go and, hopefully, by the end of this....WE will BOTH understand it a "teensy" bit!

All we need is to have a "basic" understanding of physiology and how your body regulates the whole acid-alkaline balance.

Your body is a whole lot of fluids. Intracellular fluid is found in all your cells and makes up about two thirds (2/3) of the total fluid in your body. Extracellular fluid is found around the outside of your cells. This is the fluid that makes up your blood and occupies the space around your tissues. So, we are talking about maintaining a WHOLE lot of fluid!

When talking about alkalinity a lot of people want to talk about blood alkalinity. Your blood actually does a pretty good job of maintaining it's pH. If it doesn't.....there's more wrong than anything I can talk to you about.

What I am talking about is how your entire body deals with the acid/alkaline balance.

When you eat or drink the end result of going thru the digestive process is an acid or alkaline effect....often referred to as an acid or alkaline ash. As the foods you consume are broken down by your digestive tract they leave behind a residue known as ash. The ash can alter the body's acidity or alkalinity. The chemical composition of the ash can be either acidic, alkaline, or neutral. This should not be confused with the immediate acidity of certain foods. For example, oranges, lemons, and other citrus fruits are citric acids in content. When they are ingested and metabolized the effect is to alkalize the body so they can be classified as alkaline forming.

Your body has three (3) major ways to attempt to maintain pH.

The Buffer System - for example to buffer or neutralize strong acids your body can draw from the phosphate system which is responsible for the structural components of your bones and teeth A diet of highly processed foods, white flour, sugars most junk food, have an acid forming effect on your system. Your body can only offset this for so long. After awhile you are robbing Peter to pay Paul.....and damaging your structural system....and things just begin to run amok.

Exhalation of Carbon Dioxide - uhh....breathing (don't stop that!) Problems with breathing.....years of smoking, or lung injuries.....years of no exercise and diminished lung capacity and you have damaged another system of dealing with acid buildup.

Elimination of Hydrogen Ions via the Kidneys - Kidney problems......injuries or any number of things and there goes another system of dealing with acid buildup.

If you are like me.....this old saying applies "If I had known I was going to live this long I would taken better care of myself!"

Most vegetables and fruits have an alkaline forming effect on your body fluids. Most grains, meats and highly processed foods have acid-forming effect. What you need is a good mix!

We believe our Liph products contribute to the Alkaline side of this battle and seriously.....every little bit helps.

Is it safe for my pets?

Absolutely!! We give it to our pets. The disease rate among our fur babies is rapidly rising. There are a lot of theories as to why, but the most prevalent is diet. Many pet food brands have a high corn or filler content. This does not give them the higher protein they need to be healthy. Besides developing allergies this can be the basis of an acidic body. You start to see dull and brittle hair, excessive shedding and as this continues food allergies and disease can set in.

An acidic environment can be the basis of many problems. Immediately, acidity reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood. Over time this can cause the body to rob calcium from the bones and lead to brittle bones. An oxygen deprived body severely hampers the body's ability to self-repair and can lead to extensive free-radical damage. An acidic environment can be an ideal ground for bacteria and cancer to grow.

An Alkaline diet for you dog can change his health! It can also be advised to help certain health conditions.

Protein and vegetables should be the primary ingredients in your pet's diet. Make sure their water is clean and health